1stTwo sides of the building structure were painted ‘brilliant white’, artificial geraniums were ‘planted’ in typical green window flower boxes and fixed to the windows. A hanging basket with artificial geraniums was installed alongside the front door. The balcony was converted with the finest artificial long grass. A regular but colourful ‘directors chair’ rested alongside the cheapest BBQ on sale. The door was painted gloss black and conventional suburban ironmongery were installed. Without any supplied electricity a car battery suitable for small family car was installed with a light hooked up to a timer. The timer was set for 2100hrs each night; sunset.
After 3 days 'the Authorities' stormed the project with the aim to make the structure inhabitable. The floor was ripped out, the windows smashed, the light removed; the BBQ and chair were stolen. The artificial grass was thrown on the ground, along with many of the flowers and the front door. However some detailed interventions remained.