A few month later, the 2nd intervention was destroyed, too. After this further vandalism we came back for the last time to add a final element, a huge fluffy ‘animal alien’ called "Schlampi", a sculpture by Simone van gen Hassend. This was our gentle response to the destruction

This "guerilla action" was broadcast primetime on british tv - chanel_4.
The filmmaker Dan Edelstyn joins four groups of artists and activists using urban environments as a stage from which to question and challenge the preconceptions built into the modern city.

fulcrum tv - subverting the city -
subversive architects
broadcast in british tv
<3 minutes wonder>
channel 4: 16.2. 2005 19.55

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narrator: christopher hird, camera: ralph phillips, sound: stéphane malenfant, research: hilary powell, online editor: andy roberts, dubbing mixer: steve crook, graphics: make-UP & ninaole, music: nick-graham smith, production: martin long, executive producer:, emily james, edited & directed by: dan edelstyn