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For more than three years now, the unique TV format 'Flowmotion' is being broadcasted nightly via public german TV station HR. Within short time, 'Flowmotion' has reached a maximum of popularity and managed to established itself as a audio-visual platform for different kind of projects, producers and video artists ­ thus closing a gap that conventional mainstream music television continously failed to consider. The sensational success of 'Flowmotion' therefore truely speaks for itself: feedback from the immensely growing community of fans on every new edition of the programme is overwhelming and already the first compilation of the Flowmotion archives on DVD and CD ('Flowmotion Vol. 1') has delivered great results with fans and press alike. Over and over again, critics praise the extra-ordinairy quality of the graphic animations and videos while the convincing selection of music almost seems to be taken for granted. With 'Flowmotion Vol. 2' the second summary of recently broadcoasted tracks and songs is now being released and yet again, the compilation sets the pace. Over the course of the complete playing time, a sensitive suspense is being built, leading through the different songs, combining them to one monumental piece of art: 'Flowmotion Vol. 2' covers almost anything from deep downtempo excursions and mesmerizing soundscapes to dub deconstructions and orchestral electronica and features many listening milestones from ÜNN 'Three Pilots' or Aural Float 'Switchin' The Wave Of Thought' to Rescape's 'Lichtwärts' and Múm 'Ballad Of The Broken Birdie Records'. Exceptional artists like Sushi Club, Naoki Kenji or Guardner complete this outstanding tracklisting and underline the claim of the Elekrolux team to create nothing less than a genre defying release. 'Flowmotion Vol. 2' doesn't leave the slightest doubt about this approach.

System: PAL

Flowmotion 3.0
1. Soehngenetic - Wall King SL
2. Rauschfaktor - Aquarium Cafe
3. The Sushi Club - Ichi Ban
4. üNN - Three Pilots - video by osa & üNN
5. Azure Taint - Glasrauch
6. JFC - Gliding Senses
7. Mum - The Ballad of the Broken Birdie Records (Ruxpin Remix II)

Flowmotion 4.0
1. Aural Float - Switchin The Wave Of Thought
2. Drøn - Spool
3. Frank Bretschneider - Walking on Ice
4. Guardner - Low Summer Frequencies
5. JP-Juice - Space Odysee
6. Rescape - Lichtwaerts
7. Index ID - Expedition
8. Blake C. - Night Market
9. Naoki Kenji - F.R.A.