Ever dreamt of being transported Tardis-style from your sweaty office to a beautiful summer garden with ice-cold beers on tap and no tube journey in-between?

Dream no longer, for today heralds the launch of the Hoegaarden Urban Oasis, an interactive outdoor installation taking the form of a pub that grows out of a turfed garden.

Now we aren't usually fans of such blatant PR scams, but we like this one, mainly because it's creatively led by the infamous Office for Subversive Architecture (remember their last project?), who always manage to intelligently, make us re-evaluate our urban environment. And we like blonde beers.

The bar installation - situated in the heart of the City's Broadgate Circle - will be covered in grass with the accompanying tables and chairs at different stages of growth, with a jukebox there to rock-you-to-relax (the Hoegaarden will help, too), with calming sounds as opposed to the latest Killers re-mix.

And with recent events testing the resolve of even the most London-centric amongst us, the creation of a mental and physical oasis right on our doorstep is no less than we deserve.

Hoegaarden Urban Oasis
at The Arena, Broadgate Circle (next to Liverpool Street Station), EC2
Wednesday 20 July until Tuesday 26 July