Torbay Connected

On Sunday 4 July and Monday 5 July, a unique installation will be occurring on the Torre Abbey Meadows. Running up from the balloon to the Spanish Barn will be a special walkway, complete with multi-media and live performers, which will allow spectators to walk up through usually fenced-off spaces. White-clad 'guides' will aid the journey, each with a secret to share about the landscape. Historical Story’s and chants will echo from the entrance portal to begin the journey and build a direct connection between the seafront and Torre Abbey's history.
This portal will emerge on the Torre Abbey grounds, where the preview audience may have a sneak peek at the Summer Art Exhibition: 'Tamed', which opens on 6 July.
The project forms part of Torbay Connected which is a cross cutting project, sponsored by Torbay Council, that aims to promote and develop a system of natural legibility and place enhancement through promoting the role of creativity and culture within the main routes and developments in the Bay.
Torbay Connected connects people with places and spaces in the Bay so as to provide a series of rich cultural experiences that will link destinations and encourage people to explore and move from one place to another. Art and creative consultants, Ginkgo Projects is working for Torbay Council to develop and deliver Torbay Connected and Karsten Huneck and Bernd Truempler from the Office for Subversive Architecture (OSA) have been contracted to deliver ‘Extended Cloister’.

Extended Cloisture